Neecee Blackwell

Owner of Crooked Tree Graphics

Neecee Blackwell 

loves to sketch, draw and paint, period.  As a successful freelance artist, she's had the opportunity to make a living at what she enjoys most, art in various mediums. She enjoying being a successful, working artist and traveling to sell her work.

Her business, Crooked Tree Graphics, was established in January 1991. This graphic design company has offered tee shirt screenprinting and graphic artwork since then. Started as a screenprinting business it has, over the years, expanded to add mural and sign painting, fine art, photography, professional face painting and henna tattoos, under this business "umbrella". 

Neecee has the privilege of traveling the art festival and comic convention circuit selling her work and designing henna tattoos.  This artwork is well-received especially at comic cons where these fun-loving people enjoy getting "tattoos" of their favorite fandom, be it from the comic, superhero, anime, TV show, or movie genres.  

In every aspect of our work, Crooked Tree believes in treating our customers as we like to be treated, with respect and courtesy. Customer satisfaction and quality in our products are our most important goals. Please browse below to see examples of the many art pieces done by Neecee Blackwell aka Crooked Tree Graphics.

Please call with questions and information. 318-455-7845.

We appreciate your business!


Please scroll through CTG art pieces here.  There are pen and ink, pencil, and charcoal drawings, acrylic and watercolor paintings and large format murals. Some images are available for purchase. Please inquire via email with questions.   Thanks for your interest and enjoy the show!
Call or email with any questions or requests to purchase artwork.  Thanks for your interest!
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